For Educators

The Coalition works to sponsor community activities that support children, their families, early educators and businesses.

The county is home to 175 licensed child care centers and pre-schools. We know there are many professional early educators working with young children all over our county and wish to thank them for their hard work and commitment to the field.

In honor of each of you, this list is offered

  • Likes children and has a warm, nurturing manner.
  • Gentle and handles children with kindness and patience.
  • Keeps her/his voice quiet and controlled.
  • Speaks directly to the child.
  • Knows that approval and recognition are important in helping a child learn.
  • Knows when and how to give physical help to children.
  • Has a good sense of humor and laughs with children.
  • Knows child development and provides age appropriate activities.
  • Knows children catch enthusiasm for “finding out” about things.
  • Is creative and finds new ways to explore the environment.
  • Understands that part of a child’s security is the educator’s ability to give kind, consistent, and firm guidance.
  • Observes behavior of children under her/his care. Is able to anticipate behavior with individual children or with a group.
  • Stays in the background and assists children only when help is needed.
  • Tries to improve understanding and reasoning of children’s behavior.
  • Knows how to redirect children to avoid physical confrontations and to model appropriate ways to problem solve “using words.”
  • Recognizes and respects differences in children.
  • Realizes that all children learn at various developmental skill levels
  • Recognizes and respects differences in children.
  • Realizes that all children learn at various rates, developmental skill levels and abilities.
  • Knows how to work with children and their “special needs.”
  • Respects, understands and works appropriately with parents.
  • Continues yearly growth and training in the field of early childhood education; attending classes, workshops, conferences and staff training.
  • Physically resilient. Can keep pace with the children as they play and work.

An early childhood educator is a very special person.