KID CARE Insurance

One of the employment recruitment and retention issues with early childhood educators is the lack of a health care benefit package in many child care centers. The Child Care Coalition  has been working on several levels to address this critical problem.

One step this year is our collaboration with the Community Health Partnership project to further the utilization of the State’s Health Insurance Plan for children and pregnant mothers, called KID CARE.

What is KidCare?

It’s a state program that offers health care coverage to children and pregnant women and help in paying premiums of employer-sponsored or private insurance plans.

Who is eligible for KidCare?

children through age 18 who are residents, US citizens or qualified legal immigrants, including refugees and asylees, and meet income requirements are eligible.

What are the income requirements?

Income requirements vary by KidCare Plan and are based on family size. Payments made for child care expenses or child support will be subtracted from income. There is a formula that is used. Most children of early childhood educators would qualify. It is similar to the lunch subsidy criteria.

How can I learn more about the Coalition’s activities related to KidCare?

The Coalition has applied to become a Kid Care Application Agent.  To request information from the Child Care Coalition, or to request assistance in enrolling the children of staff or parents, please call.